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Getting Ready

The mad scramble

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OK, we're just finishing up the preps for the big trip. We are now immune to hepatitis, we have enough Band-Aids and Tylenol to last the whole time, and we've been giving the cats and dog extra hugs. We are armed with our e-copy of "An Idiot Abroad" (thanks Hayley!!) as well as the hundred classic books that come free with the KOBO... you know, the ones you always think you ought to read. We have stocked the house with cat litter, and eaten all the food that's too special to leave for Stu (sorry dude). We have email addresses, Skype addresses, old fashioned house addresses, and fancydresses to wear on the cruise. Well, all but Kas re that one. I think we're about ready to go...
- Susan

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On the road but not quite gone

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On the way, driving to the ferry, we were "front-ended" by a big black truck (...bad omen? hmmmm) It seems like minor damage to me, but Dad says that the whole bumper has to be replaced. It was very hard to say goodbye to all of our loved ones we will not see for three months, but we toughed it out knowing that time will fly by (and that Stu will be with our beloved animals). We ate all of our bagged snacks on the ferry and we still even had room enough to have a wonderful early dinner with Aunt Joan, Uncle Freddy, Paul and little Clementine in Tsawwassen. After telling them of our plans and eating Chinese food, we had to say goodbye. Paul drove us to our hotel, (Executive Inn... i think) we deposited our bags in the room and then all of us walked around in Richmond and went to that really awesome chinese mall. I bought cute asian stickers!!! After the night in our hotel, we went to breakfast (included). Trip Advisor had a comment on it that said the lady was pushy, and that she shouted, but she was a very nice lady. She took interest in where we were from, where we were going and even what the tap water was like in Victoria. She was very cute, but we unfortunately missed the opportunity for a picture with her :( We were shuttled to the airport and are currently sitting in the departure lounge, our whole box of girl guide cookies all eaten. We are all excited to leave, and Ali and I seem to be the most impatient. We have been saying: "How soon do we leave?" and "Should we go yet?" every few minutes (much to the annoyance of Mum + Dad). Soon we will be in Germany, and maybe the full imapct of our trip will hit us then. For today though, we are still in Canada, enjoying the excitement and anticipation of leaving.



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Dusseldorf Wild Park

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Yesterday we went to Scholss Bürg (a castle)and there was really awesome ferris wheelish thing that took you
up to the top. It was little carts that are kind of like the things that you use when your going skiing. After we got the top we went to the castle mueseum, it was very fasinating and it was very very old. My faverout part about the castel was the toilts there was a ledge that your legs went on then you went nuumber 2 or 1 over the edge and it would land on the ground below. Also me and sunny got flattened coins. It was avery awesome and fun day:)

Today we went to the wild park and the mall. At the mall Uncle Nizar bought me a stuffed animal it's an adorable
huskey which I really love. After that we (Mum, Dad, Uncle Nizar, Sunny and I) went to the wild park and saw lots
of really cute animals. Some examples are boars (schwein), deer, iltis and bees. It was lots of fun because we got
to feed the pigs dry spaghetti, and the deer dry oats right out of our hands! Also, the deer liked to drink the fizzy
water that we had along to wash our hands with. Surprisingly, there were some black\brown deer, and all the rest
had spots.




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Wednesday took Jet2 flight from Dusseldorf to Leeds/Bradford airport. We were the last people to claim our luggage, as we were the only non-EU citizens and had to fill out landing cards. Took the bus to the Yeadon Premier Inn, 4 minutes drive. The hotel was quite acceptable: clean, quiet, comfy.


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Thursday August 25. Went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Kids ate free: sauteed leek veggie sausages, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, crumpets, eggs, yogurt, muslix, etc. Got walking directions to Guisley train station (2 miles) from very nice waitress. Got a different set of directions from receptionist, who had learned that the first set of directions was designed for driving. Eventually made it to train station.

Took 2 different trains to get to York. The train station is architecturally cool, very old style. Our next Premier Inn was a 5 minute walk, just outside Micklegate bar (bar means gate, and gate means street), an impressive entrance in the old city wall.

Went walking in old town York. It is lovely. Small windy roads, very pedestrian friendly, neat old buildings. It looks "old", in a pleasant, aesthetically pleasing way. Many tourists, mostly British. Saw York Minster, more or less contemporaneous with Koln cathedral, also Gothic, but not nearly as large. Koln cathedral is quite black, presumably from the pollution, but York Minster is yellowy. Walked on the nicely restored city walls. Bought goodies at Poundland, everything for a pound. A one litre bottle of Vimto! Bought dinner at Marks and Sparks, salad with toppings and quiche. Yummy. :D



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